“Success is the result of professionalism “

Martina Emig
Christoph Ammann

Christoph Ammann

Partner / Accounting- & Audit Manager

After years of working in fiduciary management and taxation, Christoph Ammann invested time into a military career. Subsequently he spent 16 years working in managerial capacity as social insurance specialist followed by process and project manager in a large insurance company. After continued education (inter alia postgraduate studies in data protection as well as information security) Christoph joined the executive board of a medium-sized software company offering insurance solutions. For seven years he supported that company as CFO. Afterwards he assumed control of a company he successfully managed as CEO for over ten years.

In keeping with the motto “back to the roots”, Christoph wanted to spend the last chapter of his professional career cooperatively supporting his customers in various areas and let them particularly benefit from the wealth of his experiences.

During his leisure time Christoph is very fond of reading and voluntarily supports non-profit organizations. He also enjoys fine food and a glass of wine with family and friends. Moreover, fitness training is also part of his leisure activities.