“Success is the result of professionalism “

Martina Emig
Christoph Ammann

Christoph Ammann

Partner / Accounting- & Audit Manager

After several years in trust and taxation, Christoph Ammann invested time in a military career. He then spent 16 years in a managerial position in a large insurance company as a social security specialist and subsequently worked in process and project management. After various further training courses (including a post-graduate diploma in data protection and IT security), he joined the management of a medium-sized software company for insurance solutions as co-owner, where he served as CFO for seven years. He then took over the management of the company, which he successfully managed as CEO for more than 10 years and sold in 2017.

Following the motto “back to the roots”, Christoph has set himself the goal of letting his customers benefit from his wealth of experience in the final stage of his career and supporting them in a spirit of partnership in various areas. He is 50% TRB and the rest of his time volunteers for nonprofit organizations.

In his free time, Christoph enjoys reading, recreational sports and fine dining with family and friends, as well as a good glass of wine.